The 3-way-system grip

The 3 way-system-grip can easily be adjusted in whatever position you wish. Press the silver button and the grip can be turned into 3 positions.

In the 90° grip position, right or left, the Shopper® will be out of your way (pic1 and 2). So, there’s no risk of it bashing your heels.

The third position, 45° upright (pic 3), makes it very comfortable for you to pull as you can walk normally without twisting your wrist or your back. This position allows you to handle the Shopper® in different ways : turn, pull, push (pic 4)...

The following products already have the 3 way-system-grip: the Unus Shopper®, the UNUS Shopper® Fun, the TURA Shopper® and the NewSchool Shopper®.