Sustainable design by tradition

Sustainability has been our focus since 1958. What started in our parents' horse stable in northern Germany has developed into a company that stands for timeless design and quality worldwide. Only what lasts is sustainable. That's why the Shopper® from Andersen Shopper® Manufaktur have always been made of robust and durable materials. Our diverse Shopper® are made to meet people's needs. No matter if they live in the countryside, in the city, in the mountains or by the sea.

Sustainability begins with development

Human and ecological sustainability form the basis of the Andersen Shopper Manufaktur. The use and design of our Shopper® should be a pleasure for a long time. That's why we already pay attention to durability when developing our Shopper®. Every Shopper® is designed, handmade and tested in Northern Germany. With our selected suppliers, we look out for certified dealers who care about the working conditions of the employees as well as the use of pollutant-free materials. But that's not all. Our long-standing suppliers are real savers when it comes to materials. Every last millimetre of fabric is processed by us into high-quality bags. We pay attention to this right from the design stage. The fabrics of our bags are always thought up and designed in new combinations, so that no material is wasted.

Repair instead of discard

We are convinced of the quality and durability of our Shopper®, which is why we offer our customers a 3-year guarantee. If something breaks or needs replacing over the warranty period, our spare parts service will help. A variety of free spare parts can be ordered directly from us. Chargeable spare parts such as bags or wheels can be obtained from our specialist dealers. This is good for the environment and your wallet.

The ecological benefit

If you use a Shopper®, you are protecting the environment. That much is certain, because doing without plastic bags or the car always has an ecological benefit. But the Shopper® from Andersen Shopper Manufaktur are not only suitable for use on public transport or on foot. Since the beginning of 2000, we have established an environmentally friendly understanding of mobility in our company. With the help of the specially developed Bike & Easy coupling system, our Shoppers® can be attached to bicycles and thus fulfil the increasing need of many people to do without a car in everyday life, at work or during leisure time. The special feature of the Bike & Easy system is that both the Shopper® and the bicycle can be used flexibly and independently of each other. The coupling system has been developed in such a way that the Shopper® can be detached from the bicycle in just a few steps.