Spare parts (by types)

Komet Shopper®

Small parts free of charge

Small parts can be ordered directly for a fee of 3,90 € for postage and handling.

Please choose a spare part:

Half of C-handle (2 pcs)Art.-Nr.: 93047-8 Bush for wheel Ø 170 mmArt.-Nr.: 3-305-80

Spare parts with costs

For spare parts with costs like wheels, bags or frames please contact a retailer.

Frame without wheelsArt.-Nr.: 15000-8 Frame with wheelsArt.-Nr.: 15400-8 Easy running wheel Ø 170 mmArt.-Nr.: 3-361-80 Plastic frameArt.-Nr.: 93097-8 Plastic baseArt.-Nr.: 93098-8

*Please add the colour code to the article number