Sturdy newspaper trolleys with adjustable height. The grip is as soft as velvet and provides excellent protection against heat and cold. You‘ll have twice as much fun delivering newspapers.


The bag for the newspaper trolley:
made of weatherproof material, with extra big cover on top, strong seams and backside, reflector and a transparent pouch for commercial things.

The bag for the newspaper trolley
Art.Nr.: 9-101-90

Zeitungsroller (ohne Taschen)
Größe: (BxHxT) 50x106-119x51cm
Newspaper trolley (without bags)
Size: (WxHxD) 50x106-119x51cm
Chariot à journaux (sans sacoches)
Taille: (LxHxP) 50x106-119x51cm
Art.-Nr.: 1-111-20

Zeitungsroller komplett mit 2 Taschen
Newspaper trolley with 2 bags
Chariot à journaux avec 2 sacoches
(Art.Nr.: 1-111-20 + 2x Art.Nr.: 9-101-90)
Art.-Nr.: 1-120-90