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The German singer, actor and entertainer Oli.P has lived as far as possible without packaging for many years and inspires other people with his sustainable lifestyle. For him, sustainability is the most important thing of all. For Oli.P, it is logical and right to take care of his environment. Plastic bags have not been around for many years and Oli.P doesn't think much of fast-moving products either. A product only becomes sustainable if you use it for a long time and, if necessary, repair it yourself. For Oli.P, one thing is clear: if you want to live more sustainably in your everyday life and shop more consciously, you can use a Shopper® with a clear conscience and do without unnecessary plastic bags.

Unus Shopper® Oli.P

Together with Oli.P, we at Andersen Shopper Manufaktur have developed a Shopper® that is durable, has a modern and urban design and, with its fresh colours, radiates joy and summer feelings all year round.The bag has a capacity of 50 litres. The additional 16 litre thermal compartment protects chilled food and keeps it fresh and cool for a long time, even in warm temperatures. A hidden front pocket offers space for small items. The bag is water-repellent due to the material properties. Reflectors on the sides ensure good visibility even in the rain or dark.

On the Unus Shopper® frame with matching colour 3-way system handle, the Shopper® becomes an eye-catcher. The Unus Shopper® chassis can be conveniently coupled and uncoupled to a bicycle using the specially developed Bike & Easy coupling system. 


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