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The school backpack to pull. When boys and girls start primary school, the school backpack is important for their school equipment. Most school satchels are large and offer plenty of space for school supplies and lunch boxes. On the way to school, however, the large school bag often becomes a strain on the back or an obstacle when cycling to school. 

The Shopper® chassis newschool is made especially for children. As an expert for Shopper®, Andersen Shopper Manufaktur offers a back-friendly addition to the school bag. Compatible with the most popular school satchels, the satchel can be comfortably pulled or pushed instead of being carried on the back. Thanks to the innovative 3-way system handle, the newschool Shopper® can be turned into the position that is particularly ergonomic and gentle on the child's back. The weight of the school bag is optimally shifted in this way.

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