MIX Collection

It pays to be quick

The MIX Collection is a series of Shopper® bags in limited quantities and is regularly supplemented with new motifs. Here you will find the current collection and the corresponding article numbers. MIX Collection Limited Edition means that each Shopper® bag is a unique highlight that is only available in limited quantities and can sell out quickly. For us, Limited Edition also means that we regularly design new motif bags that you will only find here.

Those who have known us for a long time know that we only update our range every two years for reasons of sustainability. With the limited MIX Collections collection, we want to offer our customers the opportunity to react responsibly to the latest trends without producing unnecessary waste. For this reason, we also offer a new format here: the current collection is always only available on our website and not in the print materials as usual.

Each bag from the MIX Collection has a capacity of 46 litres and is big enough for a week's shopping, a trip to the swimming lake or a picnic with friends in the park. A hidden front pocket offers additional space for small items that are quickly to hand. The bags are eye-catching anyway, but with the reflectors on the side they ensure good visibility even in bad weather and darkness. 

On the Unus Shopper® chassis, the colour-coordinated 3-way system handle provides a visual highlight. The 3-way system handle can be flexibly and easily turned into three different positions at the touch of a button. This enables ergonomic handling without straining the wrists or back. The specially developed Bike & Easy coupling system allows the Unus Shopper® to be easily coupled to and uncoupled from the bicycle. 

The Scala Shopper® chassis looks very elegant with its thin tubes and curved handle and is also one of our lightest chassis. The discreet whisper wheels run pleasantly quietly even on uneven surfaces. With the Bike & Easy coupling system, the Scala Shopper® chassis can also be used as a Shopper® on a bicycle.

As the MIX Collection is a limited edition, we cannot guarantee delivery. We reserve the right not to deliver goods in reduced quantities or when it’s sold out. In this case, please choose another motif. Thank you for your understanding.

Mix Collection Limited Edition

Features Frame

Features Bag

Only a few available
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A01
Art-Nr. 140-333-A01
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A02
Art-Nr. 140-333-A02
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A03
Art-Nr. 140-333-A03
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A04
Art-Nr. 140-333-A04
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A05
Art-Nr. 140-333-A05
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A06
Art-Nr. 140-333-A06
Sold out
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A07
Art-Nr. 140-333-A07
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A08
Art-Nr. 140-333-A08
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A09
Art-Nr. 140-333-A09
Only a few available
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A10
Art-Nr. 140-333-A10
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A11
Art-Nr. 140-333-A11
Sold out
UNUS Shopper® MIX | A12
Art-Nr. 140-333-A12

Features Frame

Features Bag

Only a few available
Scala Shopper® MIX | A01
Art-Nr. 112-333-A01
Scala Shopper® MIX | A02
Art-Nr. 112-333-A02
Scala Shopper® MIX | A03
Art-Nr. 112-333-A03
Scala Shopper® MIX | A04
Art-Nr. 112-333-A04
Scala Shopper® MIX | A05
Art-Nr. 112-333-A05
Scala Shopper® MIX | A06
Art-Nr. 112-333-A06
Sold out
Scala Shopper® MIX | A07
Art-Nr. 112-333-A07
Scala Shopper® MIX | A08
Art-Nr. 112-333-A08
Scala Shopper® MIX | A09
Art-Nr. 112-333-A09
Only a few available
Scala Shopper® MIX | A10
Art-Nr. 112-333-A10
Scala Shopper® MIX | A11
Art-Nr. 112-333-A11
Sold out
Scala Shopper® MIX | A12
Art-Nr. 112-333-A12