A trunk for the bike

The Anderson Shopper®, attachable to your bike, offers a clever transport solution during family or leisure excursions and shopping trips.

Similar to the trunk of a car, the bicycle rider gets additional storage space while the storage rack of the bike itself remains free. Of course, the Shopper® can also be used without the bike.

The simple and easy handling of the coupling system, lockable if needed, allows the quick coupling and decoupling of the Shopper® If not in use, the bag and wheels can be easily detached, and the Shopper® folds up into a small package.



Correct coupling for bikes and finding the correct coupling pin for the shopper!

Two components are required to attach the shopper®:

  1. A coupling pin for the shopper®
    (SH-1 or SH-2, depending on the model of shopper)
  2. A coupling for the bike
    (R1-BigEasy, G1-PullEasy, A1-EasySnap or A2-RT Roll-it)

You can find the corresponding requirements for attaching single couplings in the pictures below and/or in the corresponding item description.

All four couplings are fitted with the same coupling head. This means that both coupling pins (shopper® attachment) can be combined with any coupling (bike attachment) as required.

The coupling head has a so-called torque support and can therefore prevent the shopper® from tipping over.

The shopper® can be attached and removed with the touch of a button. The locking system provided offers additional safety. The shopper® can be locked with a key (partly accessories).

Please be aware of the general safety information for using a shopper with a bike and the corresponding instructions for assembly and use!