"Sustainability" is a big issue. The possibility of hanging the Shopper® from the Andersen Shopper Manufaktur on a bicycle via a specially developed coupling system fulfils the need for a climate-friendly approach. The combination of Shopper® and bicycle is a resource-saving alternative for shopping - without plastic bags and without fuel. The HDYRO 2.0 bag, developed for a big shopping trip or a trip to the countryside, includes an 8-litre thermal front pocket and cuts a fine figure both as a Shopper® on a bicycle, as well as on its own, or (thanks to the backpack function) even without a chassis. The bag and chassis are a perfect enhancement of the collection of the Shopper® trolleys from Northern Germany.

The Royal Shopper® is the most popular and versatile chassis in the Andersen range. Seven different wheel variants and the possibility to hang the Shopper® on a bicycle make it a real multi-talent.

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