History     60 years 1958 - 2018     Insights into the Company History

Founding couple Andersen at the International Household Goods and Hardware Fair (Hausrat- und Eisenwarenmesse) in Cologne 1966.

An advertising leaflet from 1959. Ironing boards and ladders were part of the range.

The first Shopper® were produced in the parental horse stable in Havetoftloit.

1959 – The pipes are bent with muscle strength using self-designed tools.

The first ‘GÜNA’ logo was made up of GÜNter Andersen’s first and last name.

The first catalogue in 1959 with GÜNA market trolleys from their own production.

At night when the children are asleep, the young couple paint the frames by hand.

Product chart from the 70’s

Dispatch 1969

Escape in the shopping trolley 1987 (Quick Magazine)

Sven Andersen with daughter Scorlan in 2007 with the shopping trolley, that has been used for the escape in the famous Checkpoint Charlie museum

Shopper® modell from the 60‘

Catalogue 1965

Catalogue 1976

Catalogue 1986

Catalogue 1996

Catalogue 2006

Catalogue 2008

Catalogue 2014

The company 1963

The company today (5000m²)

Stand at the Ambiente Fair 2019

Stand EUROBIKE (2019)

Founder Christa & Günter Andersen

1958 The future Andersen company is born!

Since 1958, Mr and Mrs Andersen decided to manufacture shopping bags on wheels. They started in a horse stable near Satrup in the north of Germany: they sawed, bent tubes, nailed, assembled trolleys and finished with a coat of varnish at night.

Demand exploded and they realised that it was becoming impossible to continue on their own, in a stable. They expanded and moved to their first factory premises in 1962.

All shopping trolleys are still designed, developed and thoroughly manufactured in the Andersen factory, starting from the framework to the finished Shopper®. This involves a huge variety of Shopper® and equipment : aluminium tubing, seats, ball bearing wheels, telescopic handles, cooler bags, tarpaulin bags, sailcloth,…

The new generation Shopper® is launched with the Unus Shopper®: its cool futuristic look with oval aluminium tubing, its low-profile ball bearing wheels and its easy height adjustment and 3-way-system grip.

Andersen Shopper Manufaktur is the leader on the German market of shopping trolleys and is doing extremely well in many European countries with an export share of 35%.

In November 2008 the family-owned company celebrated its 50th anniversary with 10 million “Made in Germany” Shopper® sold. This comes as no surprise as Andersen Shopper Manufaktur has always valued quality and innovation.

In 2014 the Andersen Shopper Manufaktur co-operates with Ortlieb, a renowned producer of waterproof bags, to create a Shopper® with a waterproof bag.

In addition, an unusual material is used for bags: used, extremely resilient and water-repellent sail cloth is now starting its second life as a functional bag after various trips across the seas.