About us

The brand

For more than 55 years Andersen Shopper Manufaktur has been making shopping trolleys.
This family-run company in the north of Germany manufactures a large range of products, its constant concern being top quality and innovation.

The ecologic benefit

It is obviously good for the environment as it reduces the use of plastic bags and it also avoids back problems from carrying heavy loads. What’s more, using your Shopper® attached to your bike helps you to keep fit and makes you a responsible citizen.

The co-operation

Upcycling at its best: the company 360° makes in Hamburg bags of the series ‚Boje, Luv and Lee’ for the Andersen Shopper Manufaktur of used, heavy duty and water-repellent sails. After having been around on all oceans of the world, the sails now start their second life.

The innovations

The perfect finishing touch: great flaps – which can now be changed to suit. A trendy, urban design or timeless elegance: our huge range is guaranteed to have just the cover flap you‘re looking for.

Flaps can be detached from the bag and replaced quickly and easily. For the bag itself, you can also choose between stylishly simple or with integrated insulated pocket.

With a great range of patterns and striking colours, these bags are a shopping highlight that adds fun and excitement to your daily shop.

The connection between the Shopper® and the bicycle has been modified and expanded, making the use on the bicycle even more versatile. The new-generation Shopper® with the 3-way-system grip can now also be connected to the bicycle.

The proven Royal Shopper® is also newly available with extra-large pneumatic tyres.


We hope you‘ll enjoy looking through our new catalogue and you‘ll be interested in our novelties.

Best wishes,
Your Andersen Shopper Manufaktur team.


* Quelle zu ‚Der ökologische Nutzen’: Bundesumweltministerium. Weitere Infos zu der Kampagne „Kopf an: Motor aus“ unter: www.kopf-an.de und www.fairkehr.de